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Scarlet - Human

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Scarlet - Human

Post by Scarlet on Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:52 am

Scarlet ~ Maria ~ Martinez

19 Years Old
Light Skinned
College Student
Lives with Step Father
No Siblings
Employed at a Local Book Store
City Liver - Apartment Complex
In a relationship with Ronyn
Heterosexual - Straight
Long Black Hair
Blue Eyes with Purple Hue
Shy, Nervous, Quiet & Private
Suffers from Depression
Soft Spoken
Outgoing & Adventurous
Nature Lover
Fit & Well Toned
Athletic - Former gymnastic

From the time Scarlet was only 14 years old, her life was forever changed. Her father was killed in a terrible car accident caused by a mysterious unknown animal crossing the road. Scarlet was severely traumatized from the incident one in which she should not have made it out of, according to the paramedics and other services who responded to the call. After the death of her father, Scarlet was forced to move in with her mother and step father. Her mother to whom left the picture whenever she was two years old age, leaving her father to raise their only child. She never truly understood why her mother left until after had to accept her back into her life; alcohol and drug usage. Yet mother's new husband seemed to be the worse of the entire situation. He quickly emotionally abused the girl which eventually lead to him laying his hands on her and because of her mother being abusing alcohol and narcotics she allowed it to happen. Her fear of anything new and meeting new people caused her never to reach out to another being. Most of her family dropped contact with her after her father's passing for some odd reason and she never had any true friends expect for her father. Another year later, Scarlet became legally an orphan. Her mother had overdosed.. which lead to her step father being her legal guardian. Nothing had changed between her and that man, to which she hated mentioning or even saying his name, expect for his abusive levels changing and escalading to other terms.  The only good timing in her current situation is college classes and work. However the best day in her life came along whenever Raydon walked into her life - meeting through her area of work at the book store. From that day her life was forever changed in more ways than ever thought possible..  


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