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Ronyn: Alpha - Werewolf

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Ronyn: Alpha - Werewolf

Post by Ronyn on Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:13 am


Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf

Personality: Loyal. Kind. Determined. Dominant. Territorial. Protective. Passionate. Strong-willed. Honest. Stubborn. Dependable

(i just had to... It is so him lol)

(Ronyn and his best friend in both. In the second one, he's feisty when you wake him XD)

Loves/Likes: His girlfriend. When things work out smoothly. Obedience. Respect. Hunting. Walking/Jogging. Working out.

(Ronyn and Scarlet)

Hates/Dislikes: People who try to take his girl. People that try to hurt his girl. People that come between him and his girl. People that try to harm his family and pack. Disobedience. Disrespect. Laying around. Doing nothing. Being waked up.

Character: He's very strong and very protective. Blue eyes, dark hair that's usually spiked, usually tan-skinned, plump lips, very in-shape. Always wearing the same necklace, it represents something.

Werewolf Appearance: Gold/Yellow eyes. Solid black. Large and muscular, with large hands and sharp and strong claws. Large, long and sharp canines. Currently the largest werewolf in the pack.

Relationship Status: Taken by Scarlet

Mate: None, but hopefully his human girlfriend someday.

Crush: None, he's taken.

Family: father, mother and sister

(Ronyn and his sister)

(Ronyn and his dad)

His Story So Far:

Ronyn's father and mother are the current Alphas of his werewolf pack. When they die, or when they step down from their title as Alphas, Ronyn will be the next Alpha. He is undebatably the next in line to claim the title of Alpha. His father and mother are both very strict and very traditional. Their ways of punishment can be pretty harsh. That's why Ronyn is as tough and strong as he is. Neither of his parents particularly care for humans, and they absolutely despise vampires. Hence, they're not very supportive of his relationship with Scarlet. In fact they lecture him about it all the time, and they encourage that he ends it with her. However, he's a very passionate and determined guy. When he first met Scarlet something just clicked. He instantly knew that he was destined to be with her. And he'd stop at nothing to see that he got her. He refuses to have anyone but Scarlet. When he has his mind and passion set, not even his parents can change the path he chooses. When he's not spending all the time he can with Scarlet, Ronyn is up in the mountains. Hunting with the pack, and protecting the land and the city from unwelcomed and uninvited guests... Such as vampires and other monsters, as is his role/job in life and in the pack. Ronyn is the strongest werewolf in the pack, and the most skilled warrior. So if you need him or need to find him, either he's with Scarlet, or he's fighting to protect and save lives. Sometimes hunting. His girlfriend knows his secret. Though, his parents don't know that she knows. Ronyn doesn't want them to start threatening her, but he fears they may do that already in some ways. He doesn't know for certain yet, but he truly wants to find out. At the moment, his parents are trying like crazy to get him married to, and mated to an Alpha Female from another pack, a rival to his pack. His parents seek alliance through the mated pair. Ronyn, however, refuses time after time, because he only wants Scarlet. He intends to make her his mate at some point in time. Sometime very soon he hopes. And he's way too stubborn to let go of her and listen to his parents. He hasn't told Scarlet about what his parents are trying to force him to do. He doesn't want to make her worry about losing him. She knows that mates are arranged, but she doesn't know that his parents are trying to set him up. He'll tell her if need-be, but he really doesn't want to make her panic, he knows she already has enough drama, he doesn't want to add to it.

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Re: Ronyn: Alpha - Werewolf

Post by Ronyn on Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:29 am


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